How Many Spare Wheel Sets Do You Own?

EDIT: Changed the title and post to inquire how many spare wheelsets people have.

A while ago there was a thread on the number of bikes that you own? I find myself tempted to get another set of wheels and am curious how many spare wheel sets people have.

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I’ll start. I’m fortunate to have a road and gravel bike with three wheel sets total - Zipp 303S for the road, Hunt Gravel 35 X-Wide for gravel, and some eThirteen aluminum wheels for use on the trainer, backup, winter, in case I want to take my road bike on smoothish gravel, etc.

Seven for 5 bikes:

  • two for primary road bike (Zipp 303FC, DT Swiss Dicut Arc 1400 60/80)
  • two for gravel bike (gravel wheels and road wheels)
  • one for MTB
  • one for fatty
  • one for my old road bike that serves as a backup

I counted all the wheel sets in my house, but I really ride only 2 bikes, each of which has 2 wheel sets.


4 for 3 bikes

Enve m630
Enve ag25
Enve ses 4.5
Reserve xc 28

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5 for 3 bikes here

Roval Rapide CL
303s for winter
353nsw for summer all-round
Stock alloy wheels for my first road bike I still have

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I have a spare set for my enduro bike, only because I used to break a rear wheel on average every three months. But after going with downhill carbon wheels I haven’t done that since.

Otherwise, one set per bike.

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I have as many sets as bikes. Wouldn’t answers with ratios make more sense? Like 100%, 120% etc and than you pick the nearest number.

Or: „How many spare wheel set do you own?“

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Yes, this is the better question to ask. I’ll revise the title and initial poll. Thanks!

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I have zero (no answer for that) :rofl:

Doh!!! I can’t edit the poll so I added a separate one for 0. Now you can vote!!

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I wouldn’t call any spares as they all serve a purpose but for the purposes of this thread 3 I guess.

Tri bike: trainer/travel set, 88mm? Carbon set I built/race
Crocket: stock wheels/road, 60mm carbon set I built/gravel
Hers: stock wheels/gravel, flo 30s I built her/road

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4 main bikes, 5 wheelsets.

Full Suspension mountain bike has its own wheels (carbon, 30mm internal, 2.35 XC tires).

The hardtail, gravel bike, and cyclocross bike have 4 sets between them (with end-cap swaps)…

  • 25mm internal carbon with 40mm fast tires for gravel races
  • 23mm internal alloy with 42mm knobby gravel tires for training
  • 20mm internal carbon with 28-32 road tires
  • 27mm internal alloy with various tires for short-track races, bike-packing, and JRA

I used to keep more spare wheels around, but now that I’m not racing crits, barely race cyclocross, and the 2.35 Barzos are good enough for the occasional trip to the mountains, that I sold off the extra spares.

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Sitting off the bikes at the moment are a set of Carbon Scribe wheels, set of tubeless Prime wheels and a rear Swissside Hadron 625 (I use the front on my TT bike). I may get a deeper front for the TTbike making the Swisside wheelset spare but I quite like the Swisside’s depth/ rim shape in a wind and aluminium rim (rim braking), and I’ve been saying that for a couple of seasons now. Another thing which might change is I’m keeping an eye on the commuter/ winter bike front wheel (a fulcrum quattro wheelset), the front wheel has been a tad thin for a while so they might get swapped out for the prime wheels and the quattros dumped. Although the Prime front wheel is getting a tad thin too. OT since I moved down here 12 years ago my braking habits have completely changed and I tend to use the front brake more and where out front rims faster but thankfully after a high mileage.

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Zero. Have had spare sets in the past as a result of one or more of:

  • not wanting to trash the braking surface on nice rim brake wheels using them in winter
  • not wanting carbon rim brakes in the wet
  • having one bike for multiple uses
  • having a TT bike and not wanting to train on disc and deep front (and not wanting to train on very fast but fragile tyres)

None of these apply any more. I have a stable of bikes that covers everything I need to do so that bikes aren’t doubling up any more. I.e. I have a gravel bike, winter road bike with fenders, aero road bike with deep wheels for road bike TTs and flat races, a lighter road bike for climbing races and hilly training days. And all but one of them is disc brake so rim brake wear and wet performance is no longer an issue. And I no longer ride a TT bike (and guess if I did I wound train with the wheels off one of the road bikes so wouldn’t need a spare set as such)

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Just the one spare set.

My newest wheel set are hookless, so i’m holding on to the old clinchers at the moment! Hopefully I wont ever need to use them…

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My gravel bike has (3) wheelsets (racy gravel bois, muddy gravel bois, road wheels) and my road bike has (2) wheelsets (deep bois, shallow bois) and my wifes TT bike has (3) wheelsets.

I like wheels…

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Yes! This!! But that can be an expensive habit (aside from buying the bikes themselves)!

Yeah, I basically ended up with more complete bikes (so fewer spare wheels).

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