How many HIT workouts or how much HIT relatively?

Hey people,

For the most part I read that 2-3 HIT workouts per week is advisable. But, what I’m not able to make up, is the ‘total time’ or ‘percentage’ of HIT per week that goes with this. If you do for example 3 HIT workouts of 2h a piece per week + 6h of endurance work, the HIT part equals 50%. Would this be ok? And, could one do 4 HIT workouts of 1,5h a piece instead of 3 x 3h HIT workouts and have the same strain levels?


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Remember that HIT/HIIT “fitness” is somewhat brittle so really you should just be using it to top off any other training, the icing on the cake as it were.

Look how the TR plans progress and how the ratios of aerobic/sweet spot/threshold/VO2max/anaerobic change over time. Generally the ratio shifts from aerobic towards the high end, just how far depends on the demands of your ‘A’ events/races.

When I was mainly running, I’d just do one set of hill intervals per week, they were just too hard to do more than that without affecting recovery and the rest of my training. The runners/riders who’ve do more than this have a history of solid base training on which to build that fitness, they are going from 95% of potential to 99%, not from 50% to 70%.

You haven’t said what your goal event(s) are and why you feel you need to do so much HIIT.

Thanks Bob!

It’s not that I want to do loads of HIT, but just interested on this topic, because most of the talk is about the amount of workouts (2-3 weekly) and not on relative ratio vs your weekly endurance work or total hours of HIT per week… As I will be training for crits (hopefully) this coming autumn, the last part of my training regime will contain the most HIT I guess (VO2 max/sprints).