How many bikes do you own?

Not enough


The hooligan that started my team has to easily be in the 50s for bike count. He did a post every day of December a couple years ago of a different bike in his collection.


You have company! The entire year I’m doing outside workouts 4-5 days a week. Inside workouts happen maybe 4 or 5 times per year.

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For those of you who turned old bikes into trainer bikes: I recently took my Dogma off my Kickr and put my old Allez on. My workouts have gotten significantly harder (erg mode). My saddle and saddle position are identical. I use the Kickr’s built in power meter for both, so that should be reading the same. Is it as simple as the difference between a complete Dura Ace setup and a complete 2009 105 setup causing power loss across the drive train?

Seems odd and never had that when i had a trainer bike. Assuming gearing is the game or riding erg in same gear?

Sounds like something in the drive train. Maybe a worn bottom bracket bearing or chains, jockey wheel etc. if you just spin your pedals by hand off the trainer, do you notice any strange friction?

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5 for me: 1 road, 2 MTB, 1 CX, 1 TT

My SC blur gets the most ride time followed by my Trek Domane road ride. Trek Fuel EX for when I’m doing a more ‘fun’ MTB ride. Cannondale SuperX really only get ridden in CX season. Cervelo P2 in boxes in the basement. I haven’t ridden it since pre-pandemic, It’s 10+ years old so I only keep it around because I couldn’t sell it for anything worthwhile and maybe some day I’ll do a TT again…