How many bikes do you own?

I’m move to Portland in 2020, just in time to see Alpenrose close. I’m also bummed to see The Lumberyard is closing this month.

You have the Emonda and a Domane. Is the ride that different between the two?

It is quite different in some ways. The Emonda is the SLR carbon model, and the Domane is the ALR aluminum. There is a huge weight difference for one thing and the geometry is much quicker handling on the Emonda. Once at speed, they are fairly similar though until you go to change directions or kick a hard acceleration.

I rode the Emonda for years until I got the Domane finished. I got the D as a framset deal and took far too long to finish the build. But I am using the Domane as my daily use bike now and saving the Emonda for races or special days like climbing the Beartooth pass. Just a luxury really, and the Domane is a great bike for the price.

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Strava Gear

Looks like I currently have seven bikes. I’d say I basically ride them all, with the exception of my Cannondale 2.8. I should probably list that one for sale. The rest of them though, they’re all very unique and serve a different purpose for me.

Has nobody here two (or more) similar cx bikes for racing?

I only have space (and money) for 1 bike - which use to be a road bike but now is a carbon hardtail :slight_smile:

With a decent FTP i can keep up with faster group rides on-road as long as I make use of the draft.

All my workouts are outdoors too as I have no space (or money) for an indoor trainer either! I think i am one of the few here.


I have an SSCX and geared CX, same but different. At the local races it seems like the entire P/1/2 field has a spare pit bike.

I almost ended up with a second geared CX bike for free when Giant shipped a second to fill my order to my LBS.


Two for me! But extra wheel sets. I race, ride, and commute on both.

CX bike that I have setup with my cross wheels in the fall/winter and 33c tyres, and a pair of carbon gravel wheels with 38c GravelKings for spring and summer gravel.
Road bike with more of an endurance geometry, which I keep 32c tyres on but it can fit larger for light gravel. This is also the bike I use on the trainer.

Soon three though… I am going to build a fixie out of an old Specialized Crossroads that my in-laws have.


Agree. I’ve had my gravel bike 3 years. I’ve thought about upgrading to the new model but the advances are nice but small. From mechanical 1x11 speed to 1x12. More rear compliance. Bigger tire clearance. All nice things but hard to justify an upgrade when my current bike works great and is setup just how I want

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You might be. I’d definitely have some challenges doing all my workouts outside. Being able to train inside during the week is super efficient

Yep, I have a Trek Boone and Crockett which are basically identical save the frame material. I also have a Surly Crosscheck setup singlespeed that’s served me fairly well for SSCX.

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OK, in an effort to “defeat” The Other Chad for the title of hoarding the most bikes by a hobbyist, here we go!!

Note all of the bikes listed are either rideable or have full build kits ready to go and just need wrenching time.


Road Bikes

  1. 1978 Richard Sachs with Campy NR/SR and Suntour Superbe mixed parts set

  2. 1980s Basso Gap Miami with Campy NR/SR parts.

  3. 2004 Calfee Tetra Pro with Generation 1.0 Shimano Di2. SRm crank and HED Jet 6 wheels. This is my main road bike - ridden several times per week.

  4. 2006 (approx date) LandShark custom with Campy Record 10s. Kept with Mom and Dad and ridden during visits home. Was my primary race bike for years.

  5. 2009 (approx date). Primus Mootry Kluisberg. One of the last built before PM closed up shop. Was ridden and raced but is now the dedicated trainer bike. SRm crank and Campy Record 10s group. Hand built HED Belgium and Chris King wheels

  6. Cannodale System Six built as an 11-12 pound hill climb bike. SiSL SRm crank, Zipp202 wheels, SRAM Red drivetrain, EE brakes, Speedplay Ti pedals. Have both RED and XX detailers so I can run mountain bike cassettes. Bike was built by a friend for BUMPS series and ended up with me. I’ve raced this one a bit but it mostly collects dust waiting for hill climbs sometime in the future.

  7. CoMotion Single Espresso - Campy 8 speed given to a friend who still rides it in Utah (OK, this doesn’t count as one of mine any longer as it was gifted. But I like Co-Motion and had to list it here :slight_smile:

  8. Early 2010’s Engin CX bike. Steel frame before Drew switched to all Ti builds. Custom parts pick. Cool bike used for gravel riding

Mountain Bikes

  1. 1992 SlingShot with first generation SunTour micro drive. Campy brakes. Syncros post and cockpit. Wasach Cycle Works handbill wheels with CF hubs.

  2. 1994 Specialized Stumpjumper M2 (wife’s). Shimano XT with Specialized cockpit parts. Judy fork (the gold one).

  3. 2014 Specialized Epic XC bike. Lives in Park City with a friend and used during vacations and other trips there.

  4. SantaCruz Chameleon single speed with Fox 32 (orange frame and fork). I9 wheels. XT crank, SRAM brakes, Reverb post.

  5. Ibis Mojo 3 is main mountain bike. Really fun ride. Fox 36 fork, Reverb dropper, SRm pedals and Sram XO1 drivetrain and XT brakes. Handbuilt wheels on I9 hubs.

  6. Carl Strong Ti 26’er. Shimano XT and handbuilt wheels with King hubs. (Going to a new home soon for a NICA rider)

  7. Schwinn IC3 - Wife’s trainer bike in the gym. Sure its a stretch but we’re trying to beat Chad here…

TT Bike

  1. 2016 (approx) Shiv Tri frame with generation 1.0 DI2 parts kit, 7800 SRm crank, 3T cockpit, TriRig brakes, HED Stinger 9 front and disk rear race wheels with back-up set of HED Jet 9s. HED Belgium and DT350 dedicated training wheels. Collecting dust since covid.

Unbuilt Frames / Bikes

  1. JP Wiegle 1980s. Have Campy SR build kit and Cinelli parts. Just haven’t built it yet.

  2. Mid 1990s Richard Sachs. Have Shimano 7900 build kit but haven’t built it yet.

  3. Dean/Crumpton collaboration for a one off frame made with Ti and CF tubes. 7900 Build kit but haven’t built it up

20). Just to get to 20 bike like things… Cervelo PC3 with Oval Fork. Giving this to a buddy so he can make a track bike out of it. If I had to do it over again I’d have stayed on the PC3 and not bothered with the Shiv

And with that, I have to jump on a call with my therapist about treatment for this bike problem.


A road bike, the old road bike that lives permanently on the trainer, an e-bike, a hybrid, and a bike that belongs to my BiL.

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Not enough


The hooligan that started my team has to easily be in the 50s for bike count. He did a post every day of December a couple years ago of a different bike in his collection.


You have company! The entire year I’m doing outside workouts 4-5 days a week. Inside workouts happen maybe 4 or 5 times per year.

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For those of you who turned old bikes into trainer bikes: I recently took my Dogma off my Kickr and put my old Allez on. My workouts have gotten significantly harder (erg mode). My saddle and saddle position are identical. I use the Kickr’s built in power meter for both, so that should be reading the same. Is it as simple as the difference between a complete Dura Ace setup and a complete 2009 105 setup causing power loss across the drive train?

Seems odd and never had that when i had a trainer bike. Assuming gearing is the game or riding erg in same gear?

Sounds like something in the drive train. Maybe a worn bottom bracket bearing or chains, jockey wheel etc. if you just spin your pedals by hand off the trainer, do you notice any strange friction?

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5 for me: 1 road, 2 MTB, 1 CX, 1 TT

My SC blur gets the most ride time followed by my Trek Domane road ride. Trek Fuel EX for when I’m doing a more ‘fun’ MTB ride. Cannondale SuperX really only get ridden in CX season. Cervelo P2 in boxes in the basement. I haven’t ridden it since pre-pandemic, It’s 10+ years old so I only keep it around because I couldn’t sell it for anything worthwhile and maybe some day I’ll do a TT again…