How do you organize chargers at home?


As I accumulate cycling stuff, I need a better system for keeping things organized and cables untangled. For reference now I’ve got 2 computers, Bluetooth headphones (trainer only, don’t worry), headlight, taillight, watch, and di2 cable. That’s a lot of cables just trying to tangle themselves if I want to charge everything at once. Currently I just try to rotate what’s on the charger but inevitably the one I need isn’t charged.

Anybody have a good solution to keeping this stuff organized and in one place?

I bought a usb power strip with 6 plugs, it’s prefect for all my stuff.

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I have a power strip in my basement for trainer stuff, including fans/TVs while using TR. power strip on the side of my toolbox in the garage for outdoor related charging.

When we had our house renovated (in the UK) we had all the electrical sockets replaced with ones that have a dual USB in the centre. Game-changing…


I have a dedicated charging area in the basement that let me spread out enough to charge everything all at once. The real key is finding somewhere where beauty and organization actually doesn’t matter!

You can save space by getting a multi plug USB charging block which can eliminate a lot of individual charging blocks.

One organizational thing I started doing a long time ago which pays off all the time is whenever I get a new dedicated charging block or power supply, I label it. It makes it a lot easier to throw away things I don’t need anymore and quickly sort out a rats nest of wires.

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I have an Anker power port plugged into an internal power strip inside a bedside table. I charge my phone/iPad, Garmin, Stryd, and anything that uses miniUSB via that very cleanly inside a drawer in the bedroom.


I always charge right after a ride. As soon as I get home, the Garmin and the Varia go on the charger. For bluetooth headphones, I have multiple pairs so I can rotate them if one runs out.

I bought one of these and we have a permanent charging area in the kitchen:

It’s nice that cables never get lost. If I bought it again, I’d get one with more usb ports.

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I’ve got a similar one with 5 ports:

In the garage and everything on charger after a ride. Have a small LED light so I don’t forget to unplug and turn off power to stop vampire leakage in transformers.


Some great ideas here! I just bought one of those usb power points, now to come up with an organizing tub or something that looks classy and keeps the mess contained…

I don’t keep it in one place.

Lights and camera and computer usually charge in the garage, sometimes at the office during what my daughter calls my “commute break” (She rode with me to pickup my laptop when work from home started).

Trainer headphones charge on the media end-table in the basement, next to the fan plug, TV/BlueRay, Cable, Treadmill, baby monitor and fan.

My ancient forerunner charges in my bedroom from the same outlet as my two phones, but gets used so rarely that its usually dead when I think about going for a run. I have mechanical shifting.

I have seen some really neat Pinterest worthy layouts of charging stations with custom foam for every device, both in tool-box form and in decorative valet style. I’m just happy that I usually have closed door between me and the tangle of wires that is my life’s mess.

I second the idea of replacing outlets with those that include integrated USB ports.

Since I’m renting right now, I have one of these next to my bed and two similar ones with only two USB ports in the basement where the indoor fitness stuff lives.

As for organization, the cords I use the most stay plugged into the wall outlet in the basement - iPod, HRM, mini USB, etc. The others I fold / stow in a travel bag designed to organize cables. A drawer or plastic container may work just as well, too.

We bought a fold down desk to hide charging items in a central location. Front flips up and hides the mess without having to worry about tidying anything. Drilled a hole in the back and routed a cord up to a hub with multiple USB outlets. Everything gets charged there; laptops, cycling lights and computer, headphones, watches, ipad, phones, etc.

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