Rear light numbers, models, and charging lifehacks?

I typically ride by myself in mornings. Today I scrubbed my normal outside workout as I only had one rear light (my Garmin varia) and no lights on my body (usually 2 lights - one on helmet, one on jersey) as I feel like maximum visibility is the first, best defense in coming home uninjured.

Curious what other people think of as their threshold for lighting up their rides.

There are other threads with light recommendations but am happy to take any new recs (preferably ones that can clip onto a helmet or jersey) as I need to rebuild my sparkle.

Any life hacks for managing a bunch of USB-charging lights?

Did Wheels-1 inside, ate a pack of licorice (so easy to get 100 gm carbs per hour lol!) and watched Vengeance on TV, so not a bad morning :slight_smile:

I usually just use my Varia for a rear light. I try my best to wear bright colored kit. As far as charging, IMO the key is connected lights that my computer will give me a notice when low.

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Varia and a Cygolite Hotrod 90 on a seat stay or my helmet. I plug in the Varia and my front light after every ride.

I have the Anker 335 next to my trainer and bin of random bike lights/chargers/etc) which I use to charge my front light and Varia.

Then I have a few old blocks from Apple devices to convert chargers to usb.