Hours per chamois

i think part of the problem is maybe some guys arent as sensitive and can go 37 years on one chamois or whatever the claims are. i have a sensitive behind i guess and at 100 hours my ass is telling me maybe its time. i was wondering if it was just in my head. sounds like it might not be.

Pro Team Flyweight.

Compared to the SL Pro: The belly band being higher is nice, the compression provided is next level. The small feels good in the legs and the waist but just a bit short in the suspenders, I had a similar problem with the SL Pro Smalls and would have likely gone to Small/Tall in specialized sizing. Being 5’11 and 70kg just kinda puts you in that dead zone I guess. I’m still not sure about the chamois, there is much more of the pad that goes to the thigh so I’m still getting used to that. As far as chamois seat comfort goes, it’s pretty good and don’t really have any sitting discomfort until ~1:45.

I was planning on getting a speed suit and was considering the Rapha offering. At this point I think that I’m going to attempt the Castelli instead, but I’ll give it a couple of weeks to see if the chamois breaks in and feels comfy. Considering I got them on sale for less than the SL Pros I’m not upset about the purchase.


I have about 6 pairs of the Pro Team II. I had the version before this and these are a definite improvement. The grippers are amazing. I always buy medium (6’ / 73kg) and I while they fit, I sometimes wonder if small might be better.