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Looking for recommendations on new home network build; router, switch and access points.

In doing some research I keep seeing Ubiquiti products on the top of most lists however they are still WiFi 5 (ac) but figured if I’m going to upgrade devices I should go for WiFi 6 (ax).

Any suggestions on a line of products? I like the idea of having an ecosystem type setup like Ubiquiti as it would make managing everything super simple but open to piecing things together if needed. And would like to avoid ‘mesh’ type setup.

In the past I’ve used high-end equipment like Ubiquiti. Tried the TP-Link Deco X60 (came in a 3-pack) to share WiFi with my brother-in-law and those worked well. My biz class router finally died, and I picked this up:

And it worked well on my 100/100Mbps fiber Internet connection.

Bought it after looking online at reviews for other WiFi 6 AX, which at the time and due to need for a quick replacement came down to Netgear Nighthawk and some Linksys. Would have preferred a router with VLAN and other features, but so far its been fine.

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Ubiquiti user here. I can say that they work really well. They have the capability to expand your network by creating wireless bridges between AP. In short, it all works. I replaced all phone lines with Cat5e cabling, so it was easier to place AP across the house, zero spots. Secondly, as the AP is all POE, I have my injectors hidden and just run one line up the wall to any AP extended.
I definitely think it’s worth the investment. Recently I upgraded one of my APs to Wifi6 just to test it out. You can do this without buying all new equipment and as long as your router can support the throughput. I’ll say go for it.


I think a fantastic home-enthusiast level setup (without getting deep deep down the rabbit hole) is a Dream Machine paired with MoCA serving as a wired back haul for however many APs you need. If you just want something that works very well without making networking your hobby, it works very well.

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Thanks all for the input. After a bit more research I think I’m going to go with the following Ubiquiti setup;

Dream Machine Pro or Dream Machine (whichever I can find first)
Switch Lite 16 PoE
2 AP Lite 6

As neither the DM or DMP are available I’m considering the Cloud Key Gen2 so that I can get up and running.

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If you like Ubiquiti, Amplifi is their consumer product line. I have this. Central hub + 2 mesh extenders. Works great.

Spend money on a heavier duty router, which will have more processing horsepower. If you have the choice between three medium size components and a one big-boy and one little guy, go with the big-little combo instead of the 3-medium.