Hitting VO2 30s/1m power with ERG

Does the Tacx Neo 2T support calibration? I thought it simply worked without calibration. And further, that it did not support calibration (from reading the DCRainmaker reviews of the Neo series).

Thanks, will definitely keep this in mind for tomorrow’s threshold set. Will probably watch a trail video with rolling hills or something

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  • No, the Neo does not have user calibration.

  • I am assuming the other poster here (Dexvd) is talking about a different trainer than the OP (Crayonz051) that has the Neo. This calibration discussion is a tangent since I saw Dexvd mention his practice as part of a question related to the experience with similar efforts.

thx, so busy I missed that Dexvd wasn’t the original poster.

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Did the H4 eliminate the need for calibration? That would be a great improvement. Maybe it’s not possible because of the real rather than virtual fly wheel? It’s one of my favorite advantages of the N2T

From what I have seen, the H4 will still require a manual spindown calibration.

That said, the presence of a real flywheels does not prevent automatic calibration for trainers. The Kickr V5 already does this. The JetBlack Volt & Zwift Hub are supposed to get that in a future firmly update too.

If anyone is still interested, I had the 2 sec delay on my iPad pro but I recently tried it on my windows laptop (Thinkpad) and that has a 2 sec early power change :smiley:

Maybe we can get TR to make a setting for configuring delay of power change