Hines Drive TT - August 11 (Detroit area)

My cycling club is putting on a 40k time trial on August 11 on Hines Drive in the Detroit area. It will be the classic 2 loop out and back course on Hines Drive that has been dormant for a few years. We’re hoping to revive this as an annual race.




Hey that’s right down the road from me!

Unfortunately, I’ll be in Marquette for Ore to Shore that weekend.


I’ve had this on my radar for a little while. I have a key workout that day for my upcoming 70.3 in Traverse City, but I think I might change things around for this. I’ve never done a TT. Is it just staggered start every 10 seconds or so after 8am based on class?

This would be a good place to do a first TT!

Staggered start one at a time. Start times will be 30 seconds apart and start times will be assigned after registration (hence no day of registration). Unless we get some sort of unexpected miracle on the registration front, everyone should be starting some time between 8:00 and 8:30 ish. As with all TT’s the clock starts on your assigned start time, not when you start so be at the line on time!

Hines Drive will be closed to cars. The course is about 20k long which you’ll do twice so there are 3 turn arounds. Other than that there are no turns.

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Scott is that you?!?! Didn’t consider marketing the race on this forum! Haha.

But yeah, metro Detroit has had a severe lack of TT’s over the past few years. Very excited to get this thing rolling again.

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Thanks for taking the bull by the horns Adam.

Note to others - if you have a race in mind you’d like to do, put it on!

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Same day as ODRAM :frowning:

Hines Drive is lovely, though. I grew up around there. Actually did a couple rides on it earlier this summer when most of it was closed to traffic because all the bridges are structurally unsound :rofl:

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