High Sustained HR during race

I did a Zwift race tonight, a local crit that has taken their events virtual during the COVID-19 lockdown. I averaged 98% of threshold for ~36m but my HR was ~196avg, 208 peak (final sprint). I’m 27 and this seems pretty high. Should I back down in the future? Is it dangerous to hold this kind of HR for that long? Anything I should do to recover from a particularly high HR effort like that?

My legs feel fine but I generally feel pretty smoked. A number of factors probably contributed to the higher than normal HR, but I’m thinking the main things were that I just got pretty hyped about the race start and then the 160%FTP blast for the first 40s or so followed by VO2max really peaked my HR and then I just couldn’t recover while riding between 95-110% for most of the race. Probably also could have warmed up better.

HR range varies a lot. You didn’t die. No chest pain? If so, must be fine. I would think you’ve gotten close to that HR on a ramp test, so it shouldn’t be a huge surprise. Holding 98% for 36 minutes sounds tough, but a very possible length. Imagine a TT or hour-of-power. My last ramp test I finally remembered to put a post-it over my HR – it’s so distracting to have lurking thoughts that your HR is higher for longer than it’s been in a while.

What is your HR like for an outdoor crit?

It could just be a lack of cooling. As said above, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

This is normal.

My LTHR is 170.

My first crit and most of them I find myself chilling at 175-183 and my max hr is 190

Sounds about right. You did a long sprint and settled into over unders. HR’s gonna start high and stay high especially indoors.

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