High frequency data collection for pedaling dynamics research

I am currently working on a project that requires high frequency raw data collection for pedaling dynamics research. Can anyone recommend hardware and software solutions to measure and record cadence and power at maximal frequencies. I have found a paper that used a stages crank measuring at 64Hz but ideally we would need dual sided measurement at frequencies in the neighborhood of 90Hz.

Head units are greatly limited in how many samples per second they can use so power meters don’t have much advantage to giving more data. Best bet to to teach out to all the companies and ask

They claim to do very high sample rate but don’t know if they broadcast it

This may be useful info:

Apparently Rotor INPower has sampling frequency of 200Hz;


I have become an ANT+ adopter and now have access to the simulANT+ software. I still have to figure out how it works and what the highest sampling rate I can achieve is.

If anyone has recommendations of third-party ANT+ or bluetooth data logging software I would appreciate them.