High bpm music to keep cadence up

From searching I see there are many threads on music in general but at least for me my cadence is tied very closely to the bpm if the music when I’m not concentrating on my pedaling. Since I’d rather not concentrate, does anyone have any recommendation for the best way to find music with a high bpm of 180bpm? (With 180 bpm music I feel like saying around 90rpm is easy, no music and drop into the 70s)

What’s the best platform to get some variety? Spotify? (I.e. which should I subscribe to?)

Suggest you start here :slight_smile:

Thousand by Moby


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Ha! Throwback! The first time I heard this was on some late night CBC radio show… :exploding_head:


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Well I used to be able to start it…

And it was only when I heard it at home I realised she was saying ‘rpm’ and not ‘oooohyeah’

I mean a general source of music, not the same one or two songs each time. I can’t be the only person who cares more about getting a consistent bpm then the content of the music. Seems like for this purpose the bpm of the music would need to be a multiple of the cadence I want to aim at. Figured someone would have created playlists that could be shared since it seem like spotify can do that.

Jackrabbit most of that seems to be music in general, not really aimed at the bpm aspect of it.

The best I find is to look on Youtube for live DJ sets (EDM or Trance)

I listen to Rachel Platten’s Fight Song on repeat

Every song can be high BPM!


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I’ve been listening to 180bpm “running music” for hard workouts: https://open.spotify.com/album/3DpH0nPzLIKjxA35dRXzBp It’s not usually my cup of tea, but the 180bpm locks right into a 90rpm cadence and definitely seems to help my RPE. I’ve cut it into a playlist with my favourites at the start, so it’s easier to jump to a block of songs I like more for a tough 10 minute interval.

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There is this set of 4 albums that includes that one

And instrumental