Help with Wahoo Head Unit, Short Cranks, and Pedal PM

So I just found out today that the new Wahoo Element Bolt that I bought can only select a range between 165mm and 180mm for crank length when connecting to my power meters (Assioma Duo). The problem is that I have 155mm cranks and thus the power that would read on the head unit is going to always be 7% off.

That’s not so bad though but since my Garmin watch can actually set the correct crank length, the Wahoo and Garmin will actually fight it out and keep re-setting the crank length in the pedals, so even if I wanted to keep the Bolt for outdoor riding, as soon as the PMs connect to my Garmin it changes again (most times)

Basically because Wahoo can’t figure out how to add in some different values into a pretty easy calculation: Power = Force * length * angular_velocity, I’m having to return it and look for a new head unit. They’ve known about this problem since last August and still nothing, so that’s frustrating.

Anyways, does anybody know of a way to NOT let the Wahoo change the crank length of my power meters and only read the data? I don’t care if it’s 7% off since I collect all my data with my watch and I can just know that when I’m racing I’ll set my power targets to the Wahoo values. Or do I just need to get a different head unit?

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Same problem here. Can someone tag Wahoo and get them to add options down to at least as short as 150mm???