Help with the saddle sore

I have a “bad saddle sore” near my anal area. It looks like something “not liquid” deeper under skin and it is about 1-1.5cm in diameter… and it is not going anywhere for a few weeks…
It is not that painfull but started causing “regular” blody saddle sores around which are a bit painful…

what can I do regarding this?

I would recommend you go to the doctor. Peri-anal cyst comes to mind but you’ll need to get checked out. Don’t wait – complications can make this a persistent problem. Mine took 2 years and 9 surgeries to fix.


Yeah solid feeling and deep under skin is going to be some kind of cyst. Sometimes they can drain them or some other kind of non-invasive thing and sometimes it’s more involved than that. Dr. definitely!

Cyclists Nodule.

Uncomfortable AF. Dealing with one currently.

And it seems to be common, but never spoken about by fellow (male) cyclists.

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Yup…if it is solid, it is a nodule, not a cyst. Cysts are soft and fluid-based.

Had one on my perineum last year and had it removed surgically. It did not go well….was off the bike for 7 weeks. However, that was likely unique to me in that I am on blood thinners. Once I got back on them a few days after the surgery, I had massive bruising and “leakage” from the surgical site. Don’t take my experience as an indicator of what may happen for you ( if surgery is deemed necessary).

If the nodule itself is not painful, but causing other issues, my recommendation is the apply a small dab of petroleum jelly to it before riding and then using a good amount of chamois cream around the entire area.

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I had this issue a number of years ago. It would come and go. Almost went the surgery route, but it eventually got better. I used preparation H until the nodule subsided.

No issues since then, but three things I’ve changed - 1) baby wipes 100% of time when going #2, 2) ex officio boxer briefs and 3) no chamois creme. Creme is essentially moisturizer and there is a school of thought it makes your skin too delicate with constant use. I know #1 was critical. Not sure if the second two things were critical to the Long-term improvement even as saddle hours significantly increased.

Went to dermatologist and she says that is probably a cyst and that I need a surgeon but then he said that is HS (hidradenitis suppurativa) and it is better to not do anything because I have 7 day stage mtb race in less than a month and surgery recovery requires about 2 weeks to recover if there is no infection but he said that infection is most likely to develop because of location…

But friend of mine had almost the same issue 2 weeks before Selle ronde and had surgery and was on bike two days after and did the prep and race with no problems…

This sounds like your problem to me:

The long term solution for me was a fitter with saddle pressure mapping device. Shocker, I would expect the high pressure areas to match up with where you get the ‘nodules’. But then the device can help guide saddle changes to reduce peak pressures. For me, raising my saddle slightly and moving it back allowed me to rotate my pelvis forward and reduce pressure on one problem area. But I also know I cannot go to far forward as I have another problem area on the front. It basically comes down to saddle, saddle angle, weight distribution, and the specific structure of your pelvis. I dealt with it off and on for 10+ years and to say the fit sessions were life changing would be an understatement. But you need to find a good fitter with the right device to identify and track the problem.

I’m pretty sure that for me started after shaving this area…
I have same fit for a year+ and never had any problems with saddle sores or discomfort

All the best. Keep us in the loop. Rather be informed than be in the dark.
I also shave downunder, coincidence :person_shrugging:t3:

Seeing my GP in 2 weeks to hopefully drain it. Been putting off the visit of action due to a busy race season.

Maybe even upgrade to a neosporin. Can use on and off the bike. At bare minimum it should help the integrity of the skin in the immediate area.

This helped me a ton. Strongly recommend a very clean behind before any rides, but especially long trainer ones.