Help with a Powertap G3 hub

Good morning gang! This morning while I was training my powertap g3 hub dropped out. The TR app says its paired and getting some signal but it’s not showing power on the app display (or on my bike computer).

I found a forum post out there that says reset the hub by pulling the battery for 20min. I pulled it before I left home today and will try it again tonight.

Anyone had this problem and found an easy fix?
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Hey there @hmaceachran!

Generally, dropouts are caused by a low battery or signal interference.

If resetting the hub doesn’t work when you put the battery back in, I would simply put a new battery in to see if that helps. If that doesn’t help either, I would recommend checking for signal interference and physical obstructions between your sensors and whatever device you are using TrainerRoad on. For more information on this, check out the following help center article:

Hope this helps!

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What bike computer do you have? when the battery is low on my G3 i get a message
on screen of my garmin edge 1000 to say so.

Hopefully just a case of a new battery and your up and running again.

Yep, just a new battery fixed it. Phew! It’s a borrowed wheel and I was fearing a more serious problem where I’d have to replace a friends expensive equipment!