Help me pick a gravel tire for 1-3 inches of snow

Have a race tomorrow. 80 miles, 55 miles are gravel and the rest pavement.

Weather is supposed to drop 1-3 inches of snow right before start time…terrain is not already packed with snow so itll be fresh and likely slushy.

Have IRC Boken 40mm (file tread with side knobs)

IRC Boken DoubleCross 42mm

Panracer GravelKing 35mm (smoothe center, knobbed edges.

Cant decide!

I’d run the Bokens and be ready to get dirty.


Oh and come back and tell us how it went :wink:

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In my experience snow is like sand in that there are tons of different kinds where depending on conditions one tire is much better than another. I would prioritize a tire with sparse lugs if I didn’t know what kind of snow I’d ride in. Some snow tends to stick on your tire and you want the centripetal force to clear your tires while riding. Also when riding in the snow, I usually like to be quite mellow: less sweat means less cold and if I slide or fall, it is less likely I’ll hurt myself. In fact, I really like riding in the proper snow.

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Ran the Boken 40mm file treads at 30psi in the rear and 28 in the front (bike weighs 18lbs I weigh 170)

Took 9th place overall and tire choice was spot on! Heavy slush, hard pack snow, crappy pavement…handled it all really well. Nothing stuck to the tires at all. Had a bit of learning curve on the descents plowing fresh lines and learning not to touch the front brake at all.

Thanks guys