Help me find new road shoes


I’m in the market for new shoes. I currently run the Giro Empire E70 Knit in size 43 and am very happy with them, but I have money to burn and want some shoes with boas.

I tried the Shimano S-Phyre 902 and loved them style and comfort-wise, but unfortuntately size 43 is too small (my toes are touching the end) and 44 is too big. A 43.5 would be perfect, but apparently Shimano ditched half sizes with the S-Phyre line.

I also tried the Fizik Vento Infinito Carbon 2 and while they fit very well in size 43, they seemed kinda loose, especially around the heel.

Any other ideas of shoes I could try? They should have 2 boas, be relatively simplistic and available in either black or white. Price doesn’t matter.

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I have specialized vent shoes.
And i love These shoes. They Match your criteria.
But, i have to admit, if you Do a lot of mountain riding, Like i Do, on the descend they can really be cold on your toes!

Lots of suggestions here:

I’ve ridden whatever Specialized sells as their top-end shoe since 2006, and the new Specialized Ares is their best one yet, easily. In my opinion at least. Don’t get it in black.

why not go down the range and try the RC7 in the 43.5 size?

There don’t seem to be half sizes as well :sob:

Bont has a lot of good reviews.

I have been thinking about either the Bont’s or Shimano 902 to replace my Sworks:

Says 6-8 weeks for delivery which is kind of annoying, but I also couldn’t find the white 902s anywhere.

Subscribing, also got a pair of s-phyre shoes and in a 43, but mine are too big and after a stubborn decision to run them any way I developed a foot infection after an over use injury (longer story and my fault but…). I’ve always been a great fit in Shimano 43 so this was a bummer after dropping that much coin.

I really miss the old easy bake oven Shimano shoes and have never really gelled with any BOA shoes…

S-Phyre RC902’s are available in a 43.5 in all colors here in Australia.

If you need a wider toe box Suplest pro road are nice. Also, the Bont Vapor S have a nice toe box, are heat moldable and stiff as anything. Recommend both. Bont Vapor probably holds the heel a touch better but, no complaints on either shoe. I use custom insoles so no comment on stock insoles.

How is the tongue in the Bont? The tongue in the s works really annoys me and I find the s works has over time gotten really uncomfortable, especially with rides > 3hrs.

The 902s comes with better arch support than the Bont, but the Bont heat molding seems like a great feature.

No issues for me. It is attached on the medial side and when the boas tighten you do need to make sure it doesn’t bunch up. I just tighten a little and push it flat…rinse repeat. Again no issues…

I’m a HUGE fan of Lake shoes and have 2 going on 3 pair. Great product, crazy comfortable shoes and ALL they make is cycling shoes, so they do it right. The models vary depending on foot shape, so that may be a consideration. I work in a shop that sells them and we’ve had a lot of converts from Specialized and Fizik come in and love the Lakes. Great materials and real attention to detail make them amazing shoes.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone! For now I ordered the Northwave Extreme Pro to try on.

The new S Works Ares has no tongue. Agree the old tongue could get on my nerves.

I never really looked at the Ares since I have been disappointed in the S Works from a comfort level (performance wise they are great).

I pulled the trigger on black 902’s, I really wanted the white but who know when they will be back in stock. I decided against the Bont since I didn’t want to hassle with international returns (and didn’t want to wait 6-8 weeks).

Northwave Extreme Pro doesn’t work on my foot :frowning: The search continues. I don’t get why Shimano isn’t offering half sizes in EU.

If you found Giro shoes comfortable, Sidis will be worth a look as they share a similar shape. Certainly built to last as well.

I can’t stand the look of Sidi shoes tbh.

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Velokicks. Love my lace-ups.