Help me find my anaerobic level in GBMV

OK, so I’m halfway through GBMV. All good, I even completed Bashful +2. The only two workouts I failed were Spanish Needle -2 and the second half of Junction -1. So clearly my anaerobic capacity leaves something to be desired and I want to avoid the same mistake again.

BUT… is there any way to judge how to bring the intensity down that doesn’t rely on guesswork? The advice I’ve seen has suggested 3-5%, but I did that much before and still struggled. Surely there must be some test we can devise to create a useful rule of thumb.

I don’t know if it helps, but I did a little 1-minute test at the end of my Sunday ride (3 hours at IF 0.76 including some over-threshold sections) to give me an idea of my anaerobic capacity when not fresh. I managed 178% FTP for the minute. Could this in any inform how I approach those pesky 15sec on / 15sec off 150% intervals???

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I don’t think so. I’m just finishing up GBMV (week 7). It’s pretty demanding if your FTP is set correctly. I wouldn’t call two “failed” workouts to indicate that your anaerobic is poor. Maybe you just didn’t have it that day, poor nutrition and/or overly fatigued. If you finished the entire plan with only those two workouts getting the best of you, I’d say you’re right on track.

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I feel like once might be unlucky, twice starts to be a pattern. Particularly when every threshold / vo2 / over-under session was completed without breaks or backpedals. Also, my strength has always been in time trials, and I’m specifically trying to focus on road racing more this season.