Help me choose my next purchase!

A power meter has been the best investment I’ve ever made for my riding.

Not only can you train better when outside rather than using RPE I just love knowing exactly how hard I’ve worked on every ride.

It’s great getting Strava PBs but if they were achieved sheltering in a pace line or with a massive tailwind it doesn’t really mean I’m getting faster. With the power meter I can see if I’m getting faster even if I’m riding into the wind all day and my average speed tanks.

My friend got some bling wheels the same time I got my vector 3 pedals. We are both now 10% faster but I can still point to my POS wheels as to why I’m really fastest😜


Thanks for all your input everyone. I went with the vast majority and ordered the Assiomas. There were a lot of good suggestions here which sowed some doubt, but decided to commit and trust the numbers.

They arrived on Monday just as lockdown restrictions were eased in England so I was able to do a group ride for the first time in months so went out on my usual Wednesday night group ride which features a couple of small climbs. Fitness-wise I’m not at my best currently and have been

I decided to do an effort on the ‘4 minute’ climb to see if I can pace it better now I have power and it turns out it’s not a 4 minute climb after all…knocked 30 seconds off my PR and finished it in 3:21. No way carbon wheels are taking that much off, so I can safely say I’m very happy with my decision.


Now to save for the wheels :smiley:

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Paypal offered me 0% finance over 4 months and I have very little self control.