Help me buy road wheels for 2021 Diverge Pro!

Right on, maybe I’m just ignorant because I live here lol?! Fit and Fuel is a weekly stop but I agree that the Cyclery next door is often underwhelming.

Hit me up next time your in the area and I can take you on some fast rides!


Renting there is underwhelming. The shop as a shop is very fine - a clean, well stocked, please the masses shop.

(more complaining…) It’s painful to spend 45min to wait for a prepaid rental, with an evening pickup time, that was in stock - not be ready (and not be the unit promised on a premium rental… ). They rent a crap ton of bikes and the process looked alien to the guy doing the renting, they didn’t have a tech give it the look over, and the paperwork wasn’t ready to go. It should have been read, set aside, and pre-tagged.
F-ing Naples looks small on a map, so I set expectations of a “half hour” turnaround time to pickup the bike… but Naples is HUGE and it took 25min to drive there from the bay , 60min there, and 25min back… that’s a lot of my vacation consumed to rent a bike. All this for a town that basically has 1 - 1.5 bike routes!

PostCarry bag has been purchased :slight_smile:

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After putting some time into research and reading, I decided there were too many variables for me to feel truly comfortable buying a custom wheel from LightBicycle or anyone else. And my LBS, Mack Cycle, is absolutely fantastic and I like supporting them… so I went back and asked them for custom wheel options.

Ended up with what was, to me, the best of both worlds: what I’ve learned helped me make better choices based on their advice, and I’m more comfortable buying something they carry, understand, and maintain easily while ensuring the local shops remain viable.

Looking at options, but most likely going with NOX Composites Falkor 55 wheels and DT Swiss 350 hubs. I’m going to consider this issue solved. Thanks again to all of you for your input and suggestions… it’s been very valuable and I’m grateful!


Awesome! When you get them please send pics and let us know how they ride!

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