Help getting proper elevation data from gpx file supplied by race organisers

In a perfect world I would be embarking on an 8 day adventure in North Queensland Australia today. Instead, I’ve been up since 4:30 am packing up my home and moving equipment from my business into storage.
Weekend #3 of 4.
Moving interstate sucks!

Even though I notified the race organisers a couple of months back, I"m still on the mailing list.
Yesterday I received a set of GPX files for the individual stages. I figured I’d go through the motions and see what happened if I loaded them onto my Edge520+.
For some reason the elevation data is not there. Is there a way to fix this in Basecamp so that I have access to the elevation screen on my Garmin?
I’d be pissed if I was racing today and couldn’t scroll to the elevation screen to see the massive sustained climb around the next bend.

In the past I’ve written distances on my arm and have been a big fan of the races that supply stickers for your handlebars. I was hoping to use the elevation screen on the Garmin for all future races.

This is a pic of what I had on the final stage of the Port 2 Port XC race this year. Sticker Vs Garmin.

Is this something that’s recommended when competing on an unknown course for the first time? I’m still working my way through the podcasts, but haven’t heard much mentioned about race notes being used for multi hour events.

Historically I’ve used tcx files rather than gpx when riding brevets.

I used a site called (go to course creator).

When you load in your gpx you can resample the elevation data and drill down into sections.

Not sure about gpx but with a tcx you can add coursepoints and specify a prompt that you will get popping up on your Garmin.

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Thanks @SeeEl.
I’ll give that a look see.

I have detailed elevation maps from Garmin that I use for hiking and kayaking which I thought would fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, I only have the GPX file that was supplied a day before the race.

Update: The BikeHike course creator didn’t work for me. It kept getting stuck along the way.
I did however find another site called GPS Visualizer. That site worked and I now have estimated elevation for the Garmin.