Help fix in-ride text typos; post them here 👇

Cumberland -3

If appicable, use portions or entireties of these intervals to work on riding in your aerodynamic position without sacrificing power. Try to do so with a cadence above 85rpm, preferably above 90rpm.

Tallac -3

Sometime in the early beginnings of the training session, instead of “comparatively”, it reads “comparativley”.

Why does coach tell us we can back peddle for 20 - 30 seconds in a rest interval in the on screen notes - when we do the session pauses ? I run a Kickr Core
Is there a fix for this ?

You can’t focus properly on peddling while continuing to do the workout - your customers will take you for a ride…

Serious answer, though - pause workout when you stop pedalling is a settings option - if you have that turned off you can back-pedal during rests.

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Collins -1: The introductory text is repeated verbatim 6 minutes later when the second warmup block begins.


Workout description, says “125-minute” and “130-minute”, when it should read “85min or 1hr 25min” and “90min or 1hr 30min”

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The three variants of Keeler Needle (Stone, Saser Kangri II, and Summa Ri) all have copy pasted description text which say “save the slow force cadences for later passes at Keeler Needle.”

Lazy Mountain -2 at around 24:20, “leads to more problems that it corrects” should be “than it corrects”.

Cerro Xecon
needs correct spelling as
Cerro Xecón

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Apache – Workout Goals says “Additionally, Percee seeks to improve your ability to sustain power in an aerodynamic position…”

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Introductory text in Bald welcomes you to Bald Knob.

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Border, 2nd paragrah under ‘Targets’:


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I did Spanish Needle -3 outdoors, and it’s now listed in the calendar as Spanish Needle -2.

Andrews +1

Spelling of includes in the Description online is incorrect.
Showing as inlcudes

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Unsure where to report such things, so decided to write here with hopes it will reach the right person to correct the mistake.

The description of Peters workout says:

Peters is 7x2-minute largely aerobic efforts at 106% FTP with 4 standing, 6-second sprint-like bursts at 150-200% FTP.

But in fact it has just 6, not 7 intervals. The same problem when looking at the description of outdoor workout.

The 7x2 version of this workout is called Panoche.

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Workout James, last paragraph in the goals section.

“If appicable, use portions or entireties…” should say applicable.

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“Important: Performing these intervals at 125% FTP assumes you can complete”

This should be 110%, based on the workout: Elferkofel consists of 8 sets of VO2max repeats each lasting roughly 4.5 minutes and consisting of 7x20 seconds at 110% FTP with intermediate 15-second ‘floats’ at 88% FTP.

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Similar issue with: Chishill

“Important: Performing these intervals at 125% FTP assumes”
but it’s “Chishill is another pyramid-format VO2max workout, but this time it grows the number of 15/15’s (at 120% FTP & 88% FTP)”

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(at the description)

“Keeler Needle consists of a total of 14 power ramps ranging from 115-150% FTP.”

The power ramps are 13 not 14.

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It’s not a typo, nevertheless I would like to suggest it:

I noticed that a lot of training sessions that have instructions, end up with “we’ll see you next time”. Well, I would like to suggest to change that into “we’ll see you next time!”. After all, I am happy and content each time I finish a TrainerRoad session, why shouldn’t TrainerRoad be as happy as me? :smiley:

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