Help fix in-ride text typos; post them here 👇

Seneca Rocks -2: At 5:50, text says 85% but this workout is at 75% FTP.

At 1:20:10 the text goes something like “if your risen more than …” in regards to the heart rate.
It should therefore be “if your HR has risen” or “if it’s risen …”

In the 2nd 70% FTP interval, the 1st endurance spin is 6 minutes long, not 5 minutes like the others and like the text says.

In Big Koniuji Island

Big Koniuji Island is 1 hour of high-end Tempo intervals spent between 88-92% FTP with intermittent, 1 and 2-minute recoveries at 55% FTP.

It should be “45 minutes of high-end Tempo”

Kosciuszko -3 around 17 mins text says 1 more min when there are actually 2 more mins left in the first interval

The description for Mukwevho calls the workout Rixford.

In Kwaay, I am not sure the description is correct. link to Kwaay Log In to TrainerRoad
The description says
"Kwaay totals over 60 minutes of Tempo intervals spent between 75-88% FTP with intermittent, 5.5-minute recoveries at 55% FTP. "

However if tempo is over 65% that is only 4x11mins = 44 mins. If it includes the piece at 65% at the start that only adds 8 mins.


The desription of Rock lake is 1 hour highend tempo, but is only an hour long and the intervals are 10m, 13m, 11, 10 and so makes 44mins high end tempo (84-91%) Unless the warm up and warm down are also included?

…and TR definitions of tempo seem to be 76-87% whereas this is billed as a sweetspot session. Coggan defines tepo as 84-94%. Is it really a low end Sweetspot? or a cross tempo/sweetspot session.
I am confused?

Is this a similar discrepency to Kwaay?

We updated this workout description to accurately reflect the zones and systems in the workout.

"Rock Lake is 1 hour of high-end Tempo/Sweet Spot intervals spent between 84-91% FTP with intermittent, 1 and 2-minute recoveries at 55% FTP. "

Thanks for the heads up!

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“Beacon -3”
Around the 45min mark
Typo: “callled”

The Goals for Sucia Island refer to Conness.

Bago needs a recovery interval after the 5 min break to let you choose the start of the next set for Outside.

Rambaud description says 3 at 95-99% but all 3 are at 99%

Should read “one of the highest…”

I apologize in advance for this scattershot post. Grassy Ridge has a typo somewhere in the 47:30 to 47:57 mark. I tried to screenshot it and I missed it dismally. To make matters worse, I can’t remember exactly what the typo was! I think it was a misspelling or an incorrect conjugation of “pedal”.

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Just did Holt Hill -2. There are a couple of typos. At the 16 minute and 17 minute marks in the session, the onscreen text says there are 2 minutes and 1 minute remaining in the first block. There are actually 3 minutes and 2 minutes remaining respectively.

On Mont Albert at 23:57, there was a word spelled wrong. I believe it was “becaue”.

In Stanford -2 intro it references five sets of the 10 minute efforts when the workout has only three.

Shortly before the third set the text says “do your best to maintain you cadence” and is missing an R

After 758 posts there are still typos? :rofl:

Newcomb, @17min - sentence doesn’t make sense, @27min “rider” should be “ride”, @42min pedaling should be pedalling

On the text for McMicken, it says

"McMicken is 4x4.75-minute intervals at 106% FTP. Each full interval is spearated by 9 and a half minute recovery valley. "

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