HELP! Everything is in Chinese

Hi guys. I had trainerroad support fix some adaptive training back end items for me. I completed a ramp test a day early, and the workouts were not adjusting. Every workout was either a breakthrough or not recommended. Things i simply would never be able to do.

The support folks did resolve the issue for me but everything is now displaying is Chinese. The trainerroad website, the android app and the windows app, all in Chinese. I have translated and gone through the setting but there is no option to revert back to english.

I think the support team is based in China. I have deleted my cookies and webhistory but it appears to not be working. I have already asked support to see if they can fix it. Just wondering, if you guys have any solutions?

  • Very much an aside, but Support used to be almost entirely US based. They have expanded beyond that now with many remote options. It is not exclusively located in any one country (certainly not China), so it could be coming from a range of places depending on who exactly is working with you.
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Check back in with support and they’ll gladly sort you out! Sorry for the trouble.

Is that not there for you?

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LOL it prob is but it’s in Chinese.


Thank man. This solved my issue.

You ask why i didn’t just go to this option … well everything was in chinese. Everything. The windows app, the ios app and the android app. I had no idea that last item in the list was language.

I was trying to translate the web page and find the language setting there. Thanks again for your help.

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Do you have any idea how this might have happened?

If it helps at all, just imagine how much bigger your problem would have been in VR…

I put in a ticket with their support team for an issue related to AT. The guy did fix my issue but the language was set to Chinese.

VR? Virtual Reality? That’d be hilarious. I’d be completely lost.

Haha! Glad it helped.

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You don’t know how write you are. haha