Heat and disc brakes

Anyone else have their disc brakes get squeaky after being exposed to heat? My bike was in back of un-airconditioned car in 100-degree heat. Squeaking has subsided a bit, but still present. Both the brake pads and rotor replaced just a week before.

Never had this happen, but a quick remedy for squealing brakes….

Make sure you follow the directions closely….it is not just an “apply and ride” solution, but it works.

The temps in your car on a hot day are nothing compared to rotor temps while riding. Try cleaning disc and pads with brake cleaner (a little contamination during replacement isn’t out of the question if you have a lazy/inexperienced mechanic). Also, if all new parts, did you bed in the brakes before normal riding?

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Excellent point.

Not sure what it means to bed brakes, but I assumed the shop did everything that was needed. I need my drive train replaced on same bike, so just going to wait and have them do everything at once.

You have more faith in bike shop mechanics that I do. Most are poorly trained and even the skilled mechanics are often under pressure to push through as many bikes as possible. There are some jobs (like brakes) that can be done in 5 minutes (poorly) or 30+ minutes (with lots of attention to detail and cleanliness). I’m a fan of doing everything myself since I like tinkering and I can spend an hour on brakes if needed to get everything spotless and perfect. Of course there are good shops/mechanics as well, but I find them to be the rare exception.

There are probably a bunch of youtube videos on bedding brakes. Here’s what came up first in a quick google -

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Yes! It is interesting to me that as someone who works on my cars and my bikes, one seems to rarely hear about brake cleaner in bike disc brake discussions or at best its just given a passing reference. But every car disc brake maintenance how too has some version of “spray the crap out of the pads and rotors with brake clean” as one of the most important steps. Brake cleaner is $3 at Walmart. Get some and use it frequently.

I was under the impression that you were not supposed to use auto disc brake cleaners on bike discs….can someone confirm either way?

I use Squeal Out on my bikes when I get any squealing or unwanted brake noise. Works great

Brake cleaner can dull or damage paint on a bike as well as plastics. If using it, spray on a rag. I use it all the time on automotive brakes but never found a need on bike brakes, isopropyl alcohol works fine