Heart Rate Zones (HR) vs Power Zones

Should power zones and heart rate zones be in sync with each other? I did a ride the other night and my hr zone average was more skewed towards Z2, whereas power was more Z4. thoughs?

Not really.

Full blog post (that also includes the video):

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No, only in broad strokes and on an average day.

+1 to all the above.

If you think about it, as you get fitter your heart rate should decline for a given power output. But so many influences can impact your heart rate, you may find yourself running a bit high or even just struggle to hit a heart rate due to fatigue. I could ride two exact workouts from one week to the next and see 10 bpm difference on the same intervals.

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Thanks. makes sense now. I did feel a litte tired, and i’m sure the cold weather has an effect also.

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