Heart Rate & Power Info

I can definitely sustain 191w x 2h, but my point is that the HR will be higher than 143 bmp as implied by the template. Perhpas in the 146-148 range, still within the Coggan Z2 model.

HR landed at 141 bpm, so far so good

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6 weeks ago I did 3.5 hours at 138W and 128bpm (upper Coggan HR zone2). Decoupling was 26%.

Last weekend I did same workout, a little longer at 3:47, at 169W and 133bpm top of HR zone2. Decoupling was 6%.

Two months to get my aerobic endurance under control after 3 months of lifting and some z2 cycling. Last week was happy dance week :grinning:


Hey David,
have you tried drinking quite a bit more water and avoiding caffeine? I notice if i drink half a litre of water before i ride and then a fair bit while riding…(almost water-coloured urine is a good indication) and avoid caffeine my HR is often quite a bit lower…

Sounds to me like your FTP is set too high. If your heart rate trends out of zone 2 doing “zone 2” power that’s a sign. Also if build crushes you like you describe, usually means you’re meaning to do threshold, but you’re really dipping into VO2 work, or VO2 work becomes anaerobice.

just realized this was 11 months too late. sucks when someone ressurrects a post from the dead and you miss that fact.

haha, that’s fine. All info welcome whenever it comes through :slight_smile:

As we approach winter, I have decided to have a proper lactate test done. There is a physiologist near us who has a lab and this should help me to understand where my zones actually are.

I don’t think a 20 minute test works perfectly for me. A 3-5 min max effort before that and then the 20 minute test reduces my FTP noticeably and this is probably more indicative of my true ability.
A ramp test is just not good for me. It’s great for ego but the zones are way out.
The Sufferfest 4dp test was probably the most useful one although I hated every second of it and I now do something not too similar with the mini max 5 min effort anyway.

Will be interested to see the results and I can ask him some questions about using power and heart rate side by side :slight_smile: