Heart rate going too high during endurance workout?

I know I should probably ignore heart rate but mine goes from 140-170 at the end of baxter for example.

Does this mean my FTP is set too high?

These rides are tiring, and my breathing is high at the end. or do I just suck at steady state rides?

It can be a lot of factors.

  • Are you having enough cooling?

  • Do you drink coffee before your workouts? It can effect your HR if you are not used to caffeine.

  • How is your breathing? Do you breath from your chest or from your core?

  • What is your cadence?

  • As long as you have your doctors checks in place and you have no issues, HR should not be a problem.

Good luck

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If your heart is steadily rising from the start of an aerobic ride to the end of the ride, that is a major indicator of a lack of aerobic fitness and is called aerobic decoupling.

If you are in zone 2 power and by the end of a 2 hour steady state ride your heart rate is creeping toward the top end of zone 3 you probably need to focus on your aerobic fitness and make it a priority above intervals or higher intensity work as this is such a limiting factor on any endurance event that will last a few hours especially.

Only thing I would note is that baxter has a lot of cadence changes which may increase your HR if you are outside your usual working range of cadence, however this really shouldn’t lead to an increase of 30 bpm above were your HR should be for that power.