Having issues with my New 1 X setup-chain doesn’t stay on

Any reason why my new flat top force chain doesn’t seemed to fit the narrow/wide chainring? It fits for the first 8-10 teeth then it starts to ride up the teeth. New chain needs to stretch?

How worn / old is the chainring? If it has tons of wear, a new chain will tend to “ride up” like you mention.

Now the stupid question… Just making sure you are certain it is 12x SRAM road compatible chainring, since that is extra narrow? Presumably so, since you seem to be replacing a chain, but figured I would ask.

Essentially, can you tell if it is riding up because of the sprocket teeth to chain roller gap not matching, or is it a width issue?

It’s a brand new 12 speed Sram flattop chain. The chain ring is new as well but cheap. It’s a 48t narrow wide chainring from USA made. USAMade 110mm & 130mm BCD SharkTooth PRO CXR1 5-Bolt CXR Cross/Fixie/Road Aluminum Alloy Chainring Made in USA https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N33UU2P/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_G3JD5H8ECYHKCVXMQ18E?psc=1

That’s why. The SRAM FlatTop chain is for SRAM’s 12 speed road. The rollers are bigger and it’s not compatible with older … anything.

Here’s an article for you to reference.


Ah crap. Well I guess I need a normal chain? Do they make a 12 speed chain that’s not flattop?

Helps to read the article. Lol. Looks like the eagle chain with work.

Thanks for finding that article. Saved me a bunch of time and angry fits wondering why it wasn’t working.

This is an 11sp ring… you need a 12sp ring. The 12sp chain is narrower. Just put a narrow narrow ring on till you get a proper AXS compatible 12sp ring.

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Eagle won’t work with 12 speed road cassettes. That is only flat top compatible.

If you truly are road AXS, then you should use the full setup and not nickel and dime yourself into premature wear and even more costs.

If you use an Eagle chain, then you need an Eagle compatible derailleur and cassette. The 12 speed road cassette and derailleur will not play nice with the Eagle chain. You will have skipping.

If you use anything that requires flattop, such as 12 speed cassette, 12 speed road derailleur, then you need everything to be from that category of group sets.

The roller size change will bite you every time.

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