Has anyone used TruTrainer Smartload Power Roller

Then it coul be a tablet Samsung tab A ( ant plus) is not sufficient hardware/software to controll it?

I have a classic one and wonder if it’s worth to upgrade to Smartload ?
Already have a Quark Dzero PM on the bike.
Just thinking it would be nice to have ERG function (if it does perform well with TR, otherwise I’ll be happy with the classic roller).

Could be but I am no expert on their product, just a user.

Up to now, every attempt to controll the rollers by Rouvy,TrainerRoad, Fulgaz has failed. Their native app only is able to controll its power in three modes:target power, manual load, or wind and grade.Still I dont know wether it may depend on the hardware I am using (Samsung Tab A)

Excuse me Trainerroad, didnt try because a code is needed to try it bifore subscription.

You can request a trial here.

My Trutrainer Smartload seems to be well controlled by its on app, but not so by third party apps.

I think the TruTrainer app uses Bluetooth but for third party apps the rollers are only controllable over ant+. Try turning Bluetooth off on your device and then connecting to the rollers over ant+.

You are right,I tried but it says on the screen: your device cannot be connected as controllable.I wonder why. Thank you for your kind reply.

Interesting. If you haven’t yet, it’s probably a good idea to reach out to the TruTrainer folks via their website. They’ve been pretty responsive in the past to my questions. They may know what’s going on or be able to offer up solutions.

Many thanks, I will follow your suggestions.

Thanks Yepyep

Instead of Smartload , I bought their classic roller a few months ago, realising that I can always upgrade by swapping the rear drum.

The classic roller is impressive: high quality materials, well built, study, mooth, quiet, foldable, easy to handle, and easy to ride.

The machine will last a lifetime.

I dont understand why Trutrainer does not sell outside of North America? I’d pay for shipping and customs.
And why no distributor? Even Kreitler has a distributor for Europe.

EDIT: just found out they do ship worldwide. Weird, some months ago I thought I read only North America.


Yes as you had later re ised, TruTrainer do sell worldwide. Some areas (like Hong Kong) do not appear on their list of destinations for calculating shipping rates, but I asked. And Ross came back with a rate after checking with their shipping agent.

Legs do not rattle on the floor, no mat is needed and will not disturb neighbours downstairs.

There weren’t as many reviews on TruTrainer as I wanted to read. Most of them were reviews from users posted at bike forum. Every single piece of comment had given he highest commend.

I did a calculation: quality is far better than the next best brand, set up is cleaner without attaching a resistance unit, , and price is cheaper.

I wish more reviews had been done by cycling critics so I wouldn’t have to do so much research.

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May I ask: how much was shipping and import taxes?

Around $120 and took about a week to reach my door.

You can find out shipping rate from Trutrainer’s website if your shipping destination is listed in their pull-down menu.

Thanks. Can you actually go out of the saddle with the TT? Is it difficult?

Yes you can get out of the saddle, you still need to maintain control is all. If you aren’t used to rollers there will be a learning curve to it. I think you can do everything except true all out sprinting like you would outside but I’ve put 900 or so watts through them without running out of gears in zwift races.

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TruTrainer issued a Bluetooth firmware update about this time last year, and this makes it visible as a controllable trainer in all 3rd party apps. I use it in Zwift with workouts and it works great, providing variations in resistance as it should. That said, I do not trust the power accuracy, so that is fed back to Zwift by a powertap wheel, but the trainer alters resistance to match what the Powertap is telling Zwift.

I also have a Wahoo Kickr v.5, but the rollers are my preferred choice by far.