Half Ironman Plan for Gran Fondos

Basically what the title says
I’m feeling like I can’t handle the intensity of 3x a week riding on Gran Fondo LV. I’m having trouble adding strength training and also prepping for a century ride. Would a Half Iron Man plan be sufficient if I’m into non-competitive rides only? I plan to skip the run and swim elements of the 70.3 plan, or course…

I am not sure why you would do this? the LV 70.3 bike rides are not really any easier or less intense

is your FTP set correctly?

You could use work out variants to get a easier workout when you are feeling worked

Try the experimental polarized plans. These have 1-2 intensity days, and longer endurance workouts.

Or else do the Tuesday workout, cut the existing Thursday workout and switch the Saturday workout to Thursday, and do some longer z2 rides on the weekend (especially if you can do these outside).

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Just do Traditional Base if you want something simple… Then roll into a road race plan, or general build. I don’t think Half Ironman is the right idea.

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Stick with that plan but trade down the workouts using the Variants/Alternates if they feel too hard.

I’m feeling burnt out and mentally unable to complete indoor workouts. My goal is to do 75-mile rides (120 km) but I doubt if I can do that without some training.
At the same time, I have stiff back and neck and am trying to correct that by doing weight training.
I’m guessing my goals are incompatible and something will have to be dropped to take priority.

I disagree. Strength training is essential, especially if you are a masters athlete. You need to make time for it.

I also ride non-competitive fondos and centuries and have completed them under my time goals using a variety of training including a Peaks Coaching Group plan that included 3 intense days per week plus one long ride; TrainerRoad sweet spot base, general build, and century specialty; and just TR sweet spot base. I was able to strength train while doing all of these.

You mentioned that you’re already doing a LV plan but are feeling burnt out. I felt this way at the end of last season and jumped to sweet spot base. Having no workouts at threshold or above for six weeks, and knowing and actually completing each one was extremely refreshing for me.

There are a lot of good suggestions above on how to adjust your current plan or switch to a polarized or traditional base plan. You could also go to sweet spot base. Regardless of what you choose, I recommend longer outdoor Z2 rides on the weekend, each one getting progressively longer.

At whatever time you ride your bike, do your strength training at the same time on your off days. That way you have a consistent training schedule every day. With 3 rides per week and 2-3 strength training sessions you still get 1-2 complete recovery days.

Good luck!

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How long have you been riding? Sometimes you just need more time in the saddle for your neck/back/etc to get used to the strain.

My back, neck and hip issues are due to my desk job. I’ve gone to PT and different Orthopaedic doctors, no one recommends any surgical intervention whatsoever.
I’ll just have to do strength and core and specific exercises.
I’ve been riding on and off for 3 years. Did a few metric century last year, 40-ish mile rides this year. Plan to do 75-milers hopefully.

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I think the consistency will help a lot. If you can fit in 2 <60 min rides during the week and a 60-90mon ride on the weekend, I think you will find your body will begin to adapt and will allow you to go longer, more comfortably. I work a desk job as well and there’s lots of ergonomic things you can do to improve your posture and make you less sore. For years my monitor was off to the right and I’d always have to sit and twist at a weird angle. But recently changed my setup and it’s a lot more comfortable, and hopefully sill result in far fewer lower back flare-ups.