Gym work - when are you strong enough?

Do you really think that a person focusing on cycling should keep progressing their squats indefinitely? I would think that this will obviously be at the detriment of their cycling training.

It’s probably fine if you’re weak and only progress to a permanent plateau at 1.1 × bodyweight.

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If you have ‘leg day’ and then go out and try to ride 100 miles, sure. But for me, personally, I am finding that getting back into lifting is actually helping even out the parts of my body that are overworked by biking so much. I think there seems to be the idea that bikers lifting are trying to be ‘body builders’, and I would highly doubt that but it is rather bizarre to look at a ‘biker’ and see their skinny emaciated arms. And people joke about it. ‘I don’t need big arms, I’m a biker’… The body seeks balance? People that aren’t professional bikers should be working on their upper body and arms more. Doing squats will help balance the hip, leg, and back musculature. NOT A BAD IDEA!

And ‘progressing indefinitely’? That’s physiologically impossible, but lifting could and probably should be seen as cross-training. But you do you…


But only one right answer:

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