Gym Bike Workout

On a (rare, thanks to CoVID) business trip and will get in a 90 min Tempo workout tonight on a gym bike with no power data, just HR. I also only have my iOS phone and Garmin Fenix 5xPlus watch with me. Any way to get this recognized as a TR workout? I could just do it as an outside ride that automatically syncs with TR and shows up on my TR calendar. But would it be better to push a TR workout to my Garmin watch or Phone and ride using the workout?

Push it to your garmin as an “outside ride” - I think you will be able to match it to the planned workout on your calendar regardless of if you actually use your watch to run the workout but could be wrong - I’d run/record it on your Garmin just in case.

AH! Thanks! I didn’t know about the “match” feature. That is the trick!