Guerciotti Lembeek Disc - opinions on spec

So I can get this bike Lembeek Disc - Guerciotti | Biciclette di pregio dal 1964

With the 105 spec for £2,500 (includes shipping / VAT) I can choose the frame colour to go with the spec, I love the yellow frame set.

Question is … is this a good price? I know the 105 group set is pretty dam solid these days. I am happy with 105 as it’s a 2nd bike for me, I just don’t want to pay over the odds for a lower tier spec. I keep comparing it to this which is a GRX600 spec which i believe to be ultegra equivalent

any thoughts. / opinions would be great.

GRX800 is closer to the equivalent Ultegra spec….even uses some of the same component bodies, etc.

But that Guerciotti seems like a pretty decent price….a 105 Specialized Tarmac S6 will run you $3300.

Ah i thought GXR800 was DA spec? oh well…yeah talking about the Tarmac my SL7 has gone up in price a lot since i bought mine. Spesh I love but dam they’re not $$$