GRX Brifter and calipers install

Install tech question. First time installing hydraulic.

I have a set of OEM GRX brifters and calipers which are pre-filled with oil and and came with the hoses disconnected from the brifters but the olives and barbs are pre-installed. The barbs are “plugged” to contain the oil.

Question is, in the event that the hoses are a suitable length not to cut, how to install the hoses? Does I need to remove or pierce the plug in the barb? Note the plug is internal in the barb not something that has been “plugged in the end”

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This video should help!

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Thanks. The install procedure is pretty straightforward. What’s throwing me is the insert that is pre-installed which has a solid, seemingly unremoveable plug in it.

I think I have to go on they assume the hose is going to be cut and therefore need a new insert, which means another thing to order. I wish that it was either provided or indicated that I would need one separately.

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just pierce the sealed end of the barb in the hose gently with an appropriately sized awl or similar pointy tool.
the olive is most likely in the shifters, so make sure to retrieve it and dont mess that up.


Thanks, that’s what it looks like needs to happen. I have some dental picks that should do the job but I think I will get some replacement barbs and olives just in case.


You’re almost certainly going to want to cut them, definitely get the spares

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This is the way.