Gravel / MTB events in North Carolina?

Going to North Carolina in August (8/22) and i’m wondering if there are any gravel or long MTB rides in the Raleigh/Durham or Asheville areas? I’m googling, but looking for suggestions. Thanks!

This may be during that time frame next year:

I live in near Raleigh, in Cary. If no races hit me up and I can probably hook you up with some fast rides.

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Specifically for August? Not sure of any that date but if you just want a fun gravel route in the Western North Carolina checkout the gravel events by either Blue ridge productions or Pisgah productions and follow their courses

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You’re in luck- August 23rd is the finale of the Cane Creek Cup at the Reeb Ranch (owned by Oskar Blues Brewery) in Hendersonville:


Hardford is in early August and monstercross should be in sept. Go tothe southeastern cycling site for a regional calendar