Gift Ideas for EBike Rider

My dad, who is 66, got an Aventon E-bike this past year and loves it. Considering I cycle as well I would love to gift him a cycling accessory that he could find useful.

I would consider him a “recreational” rider who does it to get some cardio and enjoy the views. He doesn’t care about power numbers or anything like that so I am finding it hard to get out of that “take myself too seriously road cyclist who trains and cares about FTP and weight” bubble to come up with a good cycling gift.

Budget could be up to $200. For context here is his bike:

Does he have padded shorts/bibs? What about a small repair kit?


Plus 1 on comfortable cycling clothing!


Another vote for clothing. Some nice mtb baggies might be appreciated. Gloves, socks, shoes, helmet? If he’s riding in tennis shoes, a pair of Freerider Pro’s would be a nice upgrade. Maybe a better ventilated helmet if he gets hot?


Perhaps some sort of frame pack . Something to hold his phone. So he can call you if he gets a flat.

  • Books can be good- probably not the ‘training bible’ kind in this case, but maybe one of those nicely illustrated coffee table ‘100 greatest routes in your region’ type of thing.

  • A good bike lock, if he likes to stop for coffee etc. (there are some e-bike specific ones that work a bit better with the frame geometry and are a bit more ‘solid’ than your average cheap commuter-style lock.)

  • a rain jacket- might not need to be something too hefty if he’s just riding for enjoyment when it’s nice out, but something light that packs away easily can be handy for those iffy days.

  • maybe a varia or something similar if he’s using it on the road?


A bell is also fun…

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