Getting dropped

Hi all I keep getting dropped from the bunch on the climbs. In every rode race.

What sort of weight/power ratio should I aim for in order to achieve not getting dropped.

Thank you Paul

This is a question that’s so vague that it’s not possible to give you a satisfying answer. You could be going too hard before the climbs. They could just be stronger than you are and you need to be stronger. You could be carrying excess weight. There are many variables.


Sure it’s a bit vague but in the reality this is the same bunch of peeps I race woth consistently and am able to stay in the bunch go to the front. Hang easily on small punching hills and even on a rolling course. As soon as the climb starts poof put the back. So I imagine my watts/kg are incorrect.

What is a decent number for an average amateur cyclist to aim for ?

How long are the climbs you’re considering?

The climbs are typically from 3 to 6 mins

There is no good answer, because it very much depends on how strong your competitors (and riding buddies on group rides) are. What category are you talking about? Where are you in terms of power and W/kg?

i am slightly heaver rider at 78kg and ftp 275 so about 3.5watts per kg

I ride in CAT2 most of the time

What about your competitors? What country and category are they in? (E. g. in Japan where I live, at 3.5 W/kg you’d probably DNF in all/most races of the lowest amateur class, E3. On the other hand, in the US you should be able to compete in Cat 5.)

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i am in South Africa,

so wow I’m that bad lol. that makes for some drastic changes,

Not sure its that drastic…how old are you? When you say climbs - how long are they typically? From what you have said it sounds like you’re a punchy rider, maybe you need to work on your sustained power…

thanks addam, yes i would say i am a very punchy rider.i believe i put out some big power numbers when needed. to get back on to a group or make an attack etc but on any climb longer that 1 min, i go from the front slowly backwards till everyone in the group passes me.

and i have to claw my way back to the group, in most cases not able to get back on.

i am 41 years old 78kg and an ftp about

Then I am not surprised. Aren’t there any lower categories where you live? Or do the races you participate in have Cat 1/2/3 starts? If I were you I’d compete in a category where you can actually race beginning-to-end and compete.


That’s not all bad…if it were me I would contemplate a lower grade while I worked on Vo2 intervals (3, 4 and 5 mins). I’d do these on a hill too as opposed to on a trainer. TR Outside workouts are gold. Not knowing your body type or height, you might also be able to shed a few kg’s with healthy eating which will also help your cause.

Yes sir, cat 1,2,3 only i think i am stuck somewhere between 2 an 3 at the moment.

yes i agree and thank you for your assistance

Build a big aerobic capacity, then sprinkle on a bit of anaerobic work and you’ll be done!

What’s your fractional utilisation look like? If you provide 5min power number, it can be worked out (and indicate where you might best focus training).

FTP/5min * 100 = fractional utilisation

i have never heard of such a thing… are you saying my best power output for 5 mins?