Getting accepted for race entry

In readiness for the season I’ve entered a handful of British Cycling races here in the UK from the few that are near me and suitable. The entry always states that you are subject to being accepted by the race organiser.

I have been “not accepted” for my first one.

This is a real shame as it’s very close to my home and a format that would favour me. And it begs the question of how you could get to build experience and results if there are only a few opportunities to begin with and you might not even get the chance to use them.

Is there usually a set of criteria that decide who gets in and who gets a “no”? Is it based on club membership for instance? I am not a member of any clubs as I would never get a chance to ride with them so that’s out. Do they look at your Strava to see if you have any speed?

What’s the story?

What’s the race? I’ll take a look for you

Sandisons 2 Day Race

Some races fill up very quickly. Others have entry requirements, eg you need to be a certain category or have points from previous events in a series.

Outside of BC Races, sometimes priority is for members of clubs that organise races themselves, for example in a local league, but I’ve really only seen that for TTs.

Thee only pre requisite I can see is that you need to be either Cat 2 or 3.

Yep me too.

They certainly aren’t looking at peoples Strava profiles

I’m seeing 2,3,4

Maybe I’m looking at the wiring bit.

Were you given the opportunity to ‘tick-the-box’ and register as a reserve? If not, why not send the organiser an email and register your interest that way. You might get luck if it has been sold out and someone decides to drop out nearer the date.

Typically, but not always, the organiser will select the best riders for the event.

In a 2nds/3rds/4ths race then all 2nd cat entrants will get a ride unless there are more 2nd cat entrants then places available in the field. If places are availbel these will go to 3rd cats and finally 4ths will get an entry only if the field doesnt fill with 2nd and 3rds.

4th cats with points or race finishes will get a higher priority than those without. Unfortunately to get experience and, hopefully, some points you need to start with racing some 4ths only or 3rds/4ths races.

Ah ok that explains it.

So - next time I should read the instructions properly…

My aim for this summer is to get to CAT 3 so maybe next year for this one then…

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@RCC this is meant to be a great 3/4 event.

It is right on my doorstep but I’ve never had chance to race it yet, trying to see if it fits with my diary this year.

Thanks @WTriathlete. I’ve already applied for that one as it’s about 30 miles from me. I’m looking forward to that one. There is also the John Andrews Memorial up that way as well.

Let’s all us TrainerRoad users form a breakaway and beat all the other racers :grin:

I can’t find any details on this year’s John Andrews.

I’m focusing on Tri this year (IM70.3 Barcelona in May) but might apply for the White Lake Tor RR on a day licence; the route is one I regularly use for SS intervals :grin:.

Let me know if you get a slot, would be good to meet some more local racers in Cat 4.

You should join a club or a local team which can usually help with getting into races and you’ll also meet some like minded people to ride with and learn how to ride in a bunch, through and off etc.