Getting a training effect from a bike commute

Do them on the way home. You’ll be no use at work if you’ve slammed a bunch of intervals. :blush:


My experience with commuting to work has been great!
I have a 1 hour/28km commute (one way) mostly riding along a bike path next to the canal. I usually do this 2 or 3 times a week, depending on the weather.

On the way to work, I usually ride recovery or Z2 pace, depending on how i’m feeling. The ride home is either Z2 or a interval session.
Riding to work has me starting my workday in a better mood/headspace. And has allowed me to just ride more in general which is awesome.

About getting a training effect, this is my experience (YMMV).
The previous years, I did a low volume TR plan, but reached a plateau after 3 months or so at around 265W or 3.2 W/kg. This year, with the added volume of commuting, i’m riding between 6-10h every week, and I have improved my FTP to 300W (3.6 W/kg) and I feel that I’m still improving. Hoping to push 4 W/kg by summertime by keeping the volume up, and start doing some bigger rides in the weekends.