Garmin FR955 & Edge 1030 Plus

Hi Guys,
I’m hoping you can help.
I’m thinking of buying a Garmin FR955 watch to get the benefit of all the sleep, daily tracking, and other sport tracking.

My question is, I use an Edge 1030 Plus on my bike, and want to know how they work together? I would use the 1030+ on my bike but would still like to wear the watch… I guess on the watch, for most sports, I would ‘set off’ a sport, but what would I do when cycling?

Nothing. It all syncs together afterwards.


awesome thank you.

I’ve a different watch but there’s no interaction during a ride unless you want there to be (you may set up your watch to broadcast HR to the Edge but if your using a strap or don’t want it to you dont have to do a thing). The only interaction is post ride when garmin does a ‘physio true up’ to bring the benefits of both devices together.

What is Physio TrueUp? | Garmin Support

ah brilliant thank you.

That answers that… perfect… I shall get one on order!

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Once you just accept things and jump into the Garmin ecosystem fully, it is rather nice how it all just syncs and works together without effort. (I’ve got a Forerunner 955, Edge 1040, HRM Pro strap, and the Index Scale S2).

I really like my 1030+ it’s superb… I’ve got an Apple Watch but to get the sort of features I want it’d cost me twice as much as the Garmin… so it seems like the perfect solution… especially as you guys say it all ‘just works’

Garmin will never do this as they want you to purchase their hardware devices but I will they would provide their advanced health and performance metrics as a subscription option. Have base features included with a new device but with the ability to subscribe to their advanced metrics.

What kind of advanced metrics would that be?

Body battery, training readiness, HRV status, updates to training status, etc . Any of those features rarely roll out to devices more than one generation old.

I have a garmin 935 which has training status but won’t receive updates to calculations for training status.

Even though those metrics aren’t perfect, when they improve those things, it doesn’t carry through to past generation devices that might only be a couple generations old.

I only have an Edge for my cycling. It’s quite amusing what Garmin Connect says is my resting heart rate and how reducing it would reduce my metabolic age.

I have an Edge 1030+ and Fenix and you have to do nothing. The 1030+ captures the cycling data and the watch gathers everything else for sleep, rest, hiking, running, etc.