Garmin dual hr sensor issues

I’ve been using this sensor for about 8 months now. Over the past 2 months, I’ve been experiencing disconnects from my Garmin edge 1040, although the devices are perfectly paired. Concurrent with that, it seems to randomly pair with other riders’ devices and show my HR reading there (riders’ who were not wearing their own HR sensor)… When I notice the reading’s not showing and play with the band a little bit, the reading usually comes back, but then often there’s another disconnect. Anybody experienced anything similar? How did you resolve the problem? And why would it pair with random devices? Thanks in advance and a great day to all?

Mine did this a year ago? I even bought a new one, but later discovered A new strap was the answer, which are available. Why I don’t know, but its moderately common

Just try a new battery first to be sure, coin batteries can difficult and cheeper ones can go out of spec towards tge end of their life


A new strap might help (even 3rd party) but I would swap batteries first.


Have you tried called Garmin customer support? I’ve found them to be helpful.

I had a strap that one of the electrode pads was delaminating and they sent me a new strap no questions asked. If yours is only 8 months old it should still be under warranty.

Have you tried rinsing the strap? It’s possible that rinsing the strap, and checking the connections to the strap could point to an issue. I had rust develop under the plastic on the pod that was surprising, but it was something like 7 years old. Rinse the strap every so often, and more if you sweat a lot.

Not with the HRM Pro, the strap and pod are inseparable. Can’t wait until that starts failing. Yikes…

Especially if those are the original batteries. My experience is they don’t last necessarily as long as fresh from the card ones.

This is really werid, i have been experiencing the same issue with my HRM Pro Plus, it started about 2 months ago aswell.
Noticed initally that the Edge 1030 wasnt connecting and when i fixed that issue, its now my phone that doesnt connect properly (noticable on zwift as im not longer registering intensity minutes)…

The techie in me was thinking that one of the bluetooth channels has failed. I’m going to contact Amazon and get a swap out. I had previously owned the HRM Pro and had the same issues with it, battery replacement didnt resolve it so was swapped out for the HRM Pro Plus.