Gadget to stay cool on the turbo

30 bucks from AliExpress…

Reckon this would actually make a real difference to training when it’s warm, even if you have a decent main fan.

I don’t see how it could…

You thermoregulate and dump body heat in a non uniform way. Lots of it is through your head.

Did you not just watch someone bet a grand tour on the science saying your should swap from a TT helmet to a climbing helmet just to help drop their body temp?

25% of heat is lost through your head under normal circumstances but your neck isn’t your head and doing hard cycling intervals isn’t normal circumstances



All the pro’s would be using something similar if it was effective but but they’re not AFAIK.

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It cools your head not your neck :roll_eyes:

Pretty sure I’ve seen something like this on a few of the cooldowns on the hot stages of the giro

The ones I’ve seen before like this do indeed cool your neck. This is a lot more interesting if it cools your head.

I found this one online :rofl:

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Seems like the type of fans I find on some gym bikes, maybe x2. The airflow is comparable to the cough of an asthmatic hamster.


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Kelsey Mitchell (Olympic gold medal in track cycling) uses one

I’d guess that’s because it’s so portable and probably dramatically quieter than the blower fans so many of us use at home.

But……he lost the bet. :man_shrugging:

(Narrator: Wearing a TT lid does not cause you to overheat.)

blood runs up to the brain through your vertebral arteries (at the base of your head/occiput). That’s why putting an ice pack there is so effective. I could see this helping to cool the circulating blood a bit

Just got this super powerful totally silent fan, so I can hear myself moaning while doing anaerobic work…on a trainer!

In an environment with very high ambient air temperature, this seems pretty much useless since you’ll just be pushing hot air into your face. If you want something to cool your neck, then a device with a Peltier cooler is what you should be looking for although it’s a lot more expensive and it’s not clear if it will actually improve your performance

Oh no, now I’m wondering if that would be effective on the bike in NC during our very humid summer which starts very soon.

Anyone want to wear one outside and see if it makes a difference?

Do you mean outdoors? I think the wind from riding is going to be more cooling than that could be.


Maybe you could feel it on long climbs?

Has anyone tried this yet?

That looks like a cross between a (partial) dry suit and a down jacket that would tickle (me, at least) while I’m riding.

I’m not sure what the FLIR camera comparison picture is supposed to demonstrate. Well insulating isn’t a desirable property for trainer attire.