Full suspension choice 29" Canyon Lux or Cube AMS 68

My name is Gabriel.
I recently have an hardtail Merida Big Nine Team Issue 29’ (11kg) and, in this winter I want to upgrade to a Full suspension XCM one.

My top picks are:
-hole bike: Canyon Lux CF SL 6 Pro Race
-by components: frame- Cube AMS 100 C:68 Race 29, front and rear fork and some nice set of wheels, under 1600gr

What do you suggest?
To go for a full bike, aprox 11.8kg, or to build a bike with the Cube frame in mind?
I mention that, I want a bike to be light :slight_smile:

Thank you !

My favorite XC bikes at the moment are the Santa Cruz Blur, and the New Pivot Mach 4 SL - both are light and have better geometry for technical riding than the Canyon or the Cube.

If I had to pick between your two choices - Canyon.

my budget it’ll be arount max 2600-2700eur…

How tall are you and where are you located?

I’m from Romania.

Canyon bikes can only be purchased from their websites.
Cube frames can be purchased from bike-discount.

Better and lighter than any of the bikes you posted.