Fueling Workouts

Since this is about fueling, which means probably also liquid, one observation:

I have quite some headaches the day after long workouts (2h+) i do in the evenings. I feel I drink enough before and during workouts, but especially before going to bed I usually drink almost a Liter of Tea.
I use a fan and do not sweat a lot during those Z2 rides.

What is the cause? Any clue?

I personally have early morning wake up and ride workouts quite often. During even just a 1 hour ride I’ll take in over 100g of carbs. Maple syrup, fruit juice and a bar or some cereal to feel a crunch.
What has worked for me is try to eat 50-75% of the calories back, most from calories from carbs,if it’s threshold or above.
If it’s an endurance ride I usually eat a PB&J or something more macro balanced, since I’m most likely burning 50/50 carbs and fat.
I found that if I don’t eat at least 90 g of carbs early morning rides I’ll be starving later or feeling weak. I keep a majority of the processed carbs I take in around the workout (before, during and after). I’m a private chef and trust me it’s hard to not be weigh 400 pounds when I make delicious food for a living :joy:
I just fuel the work and eat til satisfied during the day with balance meals.

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If you have a fan, you may still be sweating, its just drying off quickly. I drink 1 28 oz bottle per 30 minutes regardless of the kind of ride, even if its 50 degress in the training room. I used to do 1 bottle per hour, which is the conventional wisdom for outside rides, at least among those who I’ve ridden with. I dont feel like Im floating away and over hyrdrated after my rides.

If you are drinking tea with sugar in it, all that sugar is “stealing” some of your hydration as the sugar is pulled into the muscles.

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Ok, will try to drink more. No sugar in my tea though :wink:

San Milano mentioned that if one athlete has FTP 200W and another 300W (and they are the same weight) they are burning the same if they are on the same FTP percentage

Maybe you are right because I was listening it while I was doing SS workouts :slight_smile: i’ll listen it again but this time when i’ll be doing endurance.


I’m doing a mid volume plan and getting in 90g of carbs per hour feels like legal cheating. The rpe is so much lower. Started with 50g an hour and slowly getting it up to 90.
I’m feeling better during and after the training. When I don’t fuel that good, I’m getting lots of cravings.
Im still trying to loose some fat but I’m not creating the deficit during my workouts.


I’ve recently upped my carb intake during workouts to the 90g per hour mark and have noticed a huge difference. Lower RPE, better performance, quicker recovery. By taking 90g per hour, not only am I fuelling the work but I’m laying the foundations for quicker recovery and by extension putting myself in better physical/nutritional shape for the next workout. I also have a physically demanding job, so that’s an additional factor to consider too. If I fuel the workout and recover quicker, I feel much better during my shifts at work. Win, win, win.


This. What he said…l (above)

This is the truth. In addition to the same message from the TR crew I also train with several pro athletes. They all fuel on every workout except for the most low effort recovery spin or run.

I know from my own personal experience that it’s possible to get through long or tough workouts with fairly low levels of fuel being taken onboard. But the quality of that workout is much more consistent and much more enjoyable too if you aren’t suffering throughout.

More importantly, my recovery is on another level if I fuel and hydrate properly on the bike. As a triathlete I train twice a day almost every day so this has been a complete game changer.

Unexpected side benefit is that I also seem to have less cravings for stuff I shouldn’t be eating off the bike if I get 60-90g per hour onboard as well.

Losing weight is definitely best done off the bike…


Surely he doesn’t mean KJ’s but the ratio of carbs & fats?

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Love me some Dr. San Millán!

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Thanks for posting that @Johnnyvee
What a great video, and Dylan is talking complete and utter “common sense”, something most people can relate to :+1:

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Try salt. 1/4 or 1/2 tsp before the workout (all at once to just get it down) or mix into your bottles if you don’t mind salty water. This makes a difference for me on long/hard/hot rides.

You might also check your before-workout weight against your after-workout weight to prove you’ve at least replaced the fluids you sweat out.


There is so much debate about fueling, then again, I did Townsend today and at 1:12 got hit with “You have to earn your carbohydrates” workout text :thinking: :laughing:

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I wanted to check in here as its been a week since my last check in. Down another pound. Tons of carbs around workout as listed in OP and trying to eat reasonably throughout the day. Also tested +15w after SSB MV1. YMMV.

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Can a feature request be put through to remove workout text like this - in line with recent podcasts and the general position on fuelling workouts and consumption of CHO, I don’t really see a place for content like this.

@IvyAudrain @ambermalika


Say what…?

I was wrong. Just the fat/carbs ratio is the same


Not sure you’d be right - too many variables including what they ate in the preceding period, rest and so on. Unless the science supports this…
Wouldn’t it vary a bit from person to person.?

I just did Carillion this morning and smashed loads of calories and carbs while on the bike. :grinning: