Fructose from Amazon (Bulk Supplements brand)

Hay just a quick question, i bought some fructose from amazon and I’m a little confused about the nutritional values. it looks like that 1gram of fructose is 20cal? there doesn’t seem to be anything else in it, does this make sense? why is 1 gram not 4 calories?

This is the common problem with labeling, if you count macros vs kcals daily you will see these flux alot! i have seen a 180kcal delta between counting macros vs just the cals listed on the box. I gram of carb is 4kcals

so in terms of fueling workouts i should only count the grams of carbs and ignore the total calories? do you think there is an extra 16kcals worth of crap in this?

From what i can tell on the label, it should be 4kcals per gram. I dont see anything else. Carbs=4cals Protein=4cals fats=9cals. The only thing that dosn’t fit inside that is alcohol.

ok thank you for the help

Labeling error. Simple as that.

Should read 5kcal, per my understanding of kcal-rounding standards in nutrition labels.

In reality, fructose is 3.68 kcal per gram, not 4.0. Fructose - Wikipedia

4.0 and 4.1 as you’ll often read, are generalizations / averages for all carbs/sugars.

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Any one here use Bulk Supplements (the brand, not the concept)? I order mine from Amazon. I usually get the 500g bags of fructose, but last night I got a 1kg bag (it was finally in stock). Does anyone know if this nutrition label typo is new, or has it always been around on the bigger bag?

Here’s the label:

Pretty sure they haven’t figured out of to get 20 cals into a single gram of fructose.

Here’s the label on the smaller bag for reference:

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Counting macros is certainly important, but this is a clear typo. It’s physically impossible to get 20 calories into one gram of anything.



Just a quick followup here. I got a rate the product thing from amazon and used it to mention the nutrition typo on the fructose. Got a response that said they are aware of the issue and are correcting it.