Front/outside knee pain - symptoms

Hi everyone,

I’m sure this isn’t the first thread on knee pain, but I wanted to make a thread listing my symptoms and hopefully gain some useful tips from anyone else who has been in the same situation.

Basically I first started noticing something in my knee a couple of weeks back, but I wouldn’t call it painful and it wasn’t holding me back from pushing hard. No pain or symptoms in daily life either. However, this tuesday I did a hard 60km ride to my cabin. I had that same feeling in the knee as I’ve had the previous weeks, but it wasn’t holding me back and not really painful. The next day (wednesday) I rode back home, but with low intensity. Now the feeling had turned in to light pain, and in the next few days I could feel some pain in daily life (primarily walking down stairs or gradients).

Since then I’ve been off the bike to make sure I don’t make it worse. I would say the pain/feeling is at the front of the knee, maybe slightly on the outside. A few days have passed since my last ride and the pain when walking down stairs is gone. The area was never tender or painful to touch.

I know some common causes for knee pain (sudden increase in volume or intensity, saddle height/fore and aft etc), but I can’t really see any clear culprits out of those. I guess I will play around with my saddle.

Feel free to share your thoughts or tips, thanks!

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I’ve been down my own knee issue journey too. Thought you might like Jonathan’s post.

It’s hard to tell but it kinda sounds like you are describing patellar tendonitis.