Front Derailleur adjustment

Tried adjusting my front derailleur the other day and for some reason no matter what I do I can’t completely stop rub when in the 50-11. I’m on Shimano and have the trim all the way out. On the stand it’s silent, on the bike get rub. Is it just frame flex and can’t be solved?

Do you have BB spacers on the drive side of the crankset you could swap? Derailleur parallel to the chainrings?

Not that I’m aware of I’ve recently stripped the crankset down to pack with fresh grease after winter and I don’t recall any spacers

Is there movement in the cranks? did you tighten up the preload enough? if it is shimano, you should look at the installation guide, setting it up how the installation guide suggested made world of difference for me and I’m a confident bike mechanic.

i’ve downloaded the guide off shimano for the cranks, ill take a look at the preload and see if that is the issue. I adjusted the derailleur last night and give the H limit about 2mm rather than the traditional 1mm and its helped but still rubbing when the power starts getting higher.

Are you using one of the newer R7/8/9000 series derailleurs? They have a much more involved adjustment process than previous generation stuff. I admittedly did not read the manual and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get it right. Watched a few youtube vids, read the dealer manual, and now it’s far better.

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It’s on my winter bike so it’s a sora 9 speed setup.