From Couch Potato to two months of Trainer Road

I think you’re confusing @Chawski with @chrisnobla .

lol, you are correct. Thank you.

This got really weird, really fast :flushed:


Hi @The_Cog no need to lie, We do need a source of truth and that is you expertise :slight_smile: I know you were not trying to be passive aggressive. However, in a vacuum, I saw your comment as not encouraging and a bit passive aggressive but that was incorrect.

The whole thread started as a means to celebrate. We then we question that achievement and your comment backed up the OPs results. I lament that this thread had to go that route.

Everyone stop feeding it…

@chrisnobla that’s pretty spectacular. What helped you decide which plan to do?


Yooooo this is awesome, congrats!!! As a follow-up to @Tygerfysh’s question, what are you gonna do with it?? Got any races or KOMs planned?

@Tygerfysh I actually had rented a Peloton bike, but I knew what I actually needed was to outsource my training schedule to someone/something else. In running there are couch to marathon training plans, but nothing like that exists for Peloton, it is just an endless stringing together of random classes.

I enjoyed Zwift, but again the Training Plans felt like an afterthought. So when I learned about Trainer Road I knew it was exactly what I needed. I just don’t know 5% of what I would need to know to make a smart training plan. It has been great to not having to make any decisions about what I am doing on a day. I just get on and ride the workout it says.

As for the plan, I used the plan builder to set me up a 5 day a week plan for an entire year.

@billytheconq This is going to sound wild but I don’t own a real road bike. I have a cargo ebike for taking kids to school and an sb20 for Zwift/TR. But, I have been absolutely loving Zwift races. I suck, I absolutely suck, but it has been great to get home tired from work and take out all that anxiety in a race.


You obviously don’t suck. I won’t even try Zwift races (yet. We’ll see if this whole new structured training thing helps me get strong enough to give them a go…)

Super rad dude. I remember reading about cargo bike races somewhere but I can’t find it at the moment…

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I will be honest, when I first read it, it felt like a cheap shot. Basically coming to the thread to say “Hey, that is nothing special why are you creating a thread about this”.

Then I read the comment you were responding to and I realized you were defending him against the skeptic above. I would say defending someone’s results as legitimate is a nice thing to do. The thread could have easily turned into “your FTP was too low before so your results are not as awesome as you think they are” (which a few other people already said or were implying).

Just my 2 cents on reading the thread!


Wow I didnt read any of that in any of the posts at any time…

The first couple posts that caused all this silliness came across to me, essentially as (gross paraphrasing):

“That is a massive improvement! Is it actually possible to improve that much that quickly?!”

“Yes, yes it is.”

I think it’s helpful to always assume the best of intentions when in doubt, not the worst, then revise later if need be.


That’s the way I read it. Congratulations @chrisnobla . I recently went from 180 to 220 in two months after taking a break from the bike for 8 months.

I think the niceness police calling out Cog is a bit over the top as he was supporting the gains reported.


[quote=“AJS914, post:35, topic:86030, full:true”]

+1. I took it as defending the gains (nothing out of the ordinary) backing up the argument from a scientific standpoint.